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Thursday, March 14th, 2002
By: Andrew

In Video Production and Direction class, we were expected to make a music video as a team for one of the assignments. As an established director/producer on campus and breaking into my video consulting business, I was expected to make a highly produced, FX driven music video to an edgy song. As I seldom do what is expected, my team and I decided to make it no FX, cuts only, and “show off” by making some amazing camera work. We decided upon a piano only piece, a little story to go along with it, and lots of moving shots. The name exhilaration comes from the song we chose. We had no camera dollys, steadycams, or crains, and all the movings shots were filmed handheld. Actually I crouched on a flatbed AV cart, and John Kelley and Chris Olson pushed and pulled me around the studio. For the aerial shots, I stood on a wheeled ladder and they drove me around the studio. At the end of this my arms and legs were aching. I borrowed the fog machine and moving lights from another job, Maurice “borrowed” (without permission) the piano from one of the music study classes, and we put it all together in an evening. Maurice, the guy at the piano, had no idea how to play the piano, but due to John’s creative editing I think he pulls it off.

It ended up with 2 ripple effects and a bunch of fades, but I think the editing took about 40 minutes. We totally astounded the class and teacher with our unexpected approach and got the highest marks in the class for creativity and storytelling.


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